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Vitoria Sanchez - Madrid Teacher and Mary Elizabeth Sperry - Bible Diary 2023 - Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc.

Read: Zephaniah promises the exiles of Israel that they will again find peace and contentment because of the Lord’s faithfulness. Paul reminds his readers that God does not choose only the wise and the powerful. Instead, he chooses the weak and the poor, giving them strength and wisdom in Christ. In the Gospel. Jesus begins his Sermon on the Mount by teaching that those considered less fortunate in the eyes of the world will be blessed immeasurably by God.

Reflect: Our God is a God of surprises. Time and again Scripture makes it clear that God judges by standards very different than those of the world. As the prophet Isaiah taught, God’s ways are not our ways.

In our celebrity-driven culture, people seek fame, wealth, and power. People strive for and celebrate momentary notoriety as viral sensations. Those who fail to meet the world’s standards are ignored, despised, or blamed for their situations.

But Jesus teaches a different way. He raises up those who are humble. poor, in mourning, and persecuted, promising that they will find joy in God.

Pray: Loving God, please help me to see the world and its people through your eyes.

Act: Log off of social media for one day and use the time for prayer or service.


Rejoice, be glad!

Jesus manifests the will of God to lead men to happiness, but in this preaching, Jesus follows a particular way: he begins with the term "Blessed", that is to say happy; he continues with the indication of the condition to be happy; and he concludes by making a promise. The reason for the Beatitudes, i.e. for happiness, does not lie in the required condition - "poor in spirit", "afflicted", "hungry for justice", "persecuted" - but in the subsequent promise, which today is to be accepted in faith as a gift of God.

The Sermon on the Mount opens today with the portico of the Beatitudes, which, when we read or listen to them attentively, do us good, because they are living, blessed words for all mankind.

"Blessed are the poor in spirit Blessed are those who are emptied of themselves and filled with God, because they put all their trust in the Lord. Blessed are the meek", those whose hearts are emptied of violence and aggression. Because when we are capable of this, we are a gift to those around us. "Blessed are those who mourn their sins more in secret than in public, because they do not want to make others suffer. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness" hunger and thirst for righteousness is like saying hunger and thirst for perfection and holiness. "Blessed are the merciful "those who are capable of pouring out their heart on the miseries of others, drawing close to their brother and sharing his pain, knowing how to understand, sympathise and forgive. Blessed are the clean of heart "clean of envy, hatred and deceit. A clean heart is something beautiful and gratifying. "Blessed are those who work for peace", even if it creates difficulties and tensions, but always seeking the good of all those around them. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake", this is like saying, for being holy, only in the mouth of Jesus, the Righteous par excellence, can one believe this beatitude. 

There are many people who seek happiness in different ways and forms, but we must know that Jesus is the Son of God, who has the words of eternal life. Let us put our trust in Him and we will find in His words a full meaning to fill our life and be happy.

Prayer: Lord, help us to be humble and trust in your boundless love, make us happy with what we have and are. 



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