Liturgy Alive Saturday,3rd week of Easter

Saturday, May 6, 2017



Once there was peace, the Church of the risen Lord continued to grow throughout the Holy Land. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Peter continues the mission of Jesus: he speaks, he heals, he raises to life.

In the gospel many disciples are disappointed with Jesus. They had expected another kind of Messiah, one who led his disciples, not one who served them and would give them his flesh to eat; how could he do that anyway? Many people, including a good number of disciples, turned away from Jesus. Those who stay are perhaps not too sure what to think and do. So Jesus confronts the apostles, "What about you?" Peter answers: "Lord, whom shall we go to?" Yes, to whom shall we go?

Opening Prayer

Faithful God of the covenant,
in the daily choices we have to make
give us the courage to opt always
for your Son and his ways
and to remain close to him.
Bless the difficult road we have sometimes to take
without seeing where it will lead us.
Keep us from making half-hearted decisions
when our faith is rather weak
and make us accept all the consequences of our choice.
Keep us always faithful
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

General Intercessions

- That the gospel of the Lord may keep striking the ministers of the Church as an ever-new message, that they may proclaim it with conviction and warmth, we pray:
- That those whom the Lord has called to serve him in the priesthood or the religious life may continue to give themselves in joy and faithfulness to God and people, we pray:
- That those who find no purpose in life may discover a God to love and worship through the life of faith, hope and love they find in our Christian communities, we pray:

Prayer over the Gifts

Lord our God, 
the death of Jesus, your Son, was the price
he had to pay for our freedom.
In these signs of bread and wine
he gives himself again to us
as our food and drink of life.
In his strength, let us go his way to you and to people
as flesh and blood for others,
with faith and hope in your kingdom
that will stand for ever and ever.

Prayer after Communion

Lord our God,
in response to your invitation of love
we have chosen you through our godparents
as the god of our lives.
In the strength of this eucharist
help us to renew day after day
this commitment to you and to your kingdom.
Let your Son build up with us
a community of peace and service,
and when it is slow in coming
reassure us that in your own good time
the seed will bear fruit and grow for ever.


We have made our choice for God when we received baptism. There, through our godparents, we opted for God. Let our life never contradict this option but strengthen it, with the blessing of almighty God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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