Liturgy Alive Tuesday,2nd Week of Easter

Monday, April 20, 2020



We know from our disappointing experiences how difficult it is to be a real community. We have different personalities with different ideas, attitudes, and potentials. The great obstacle is we ourselves: we want people to go our way, and we impose our own views. In our Christian communities, there is one who can unite us in himself. It is Jesus, our model and our Lord. We believe that we come together here in his name and for his sake. He is alive and present among us. He brings us together in one faith and one love. It is a lifelong task. Can we be one heart and one soul in him?

Opening Prayer

All praise and thanks be to you,
Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
You have given us your risen Son
to be alive in our communities.
Make us see him with eyes of faith,
that he may unite us, heart and soul.
May his dynamic presence among us
move us to become with him,
each other's bread of life,
that no one among us may hunger
for food or help when in need.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord.


General Intercessions

– Risen Lord, be greater and stronger than our divisions. Unite all those who believe in you, we pray: 
– Risen Lord, you have given your people a new heart. In our communities, make us one heart and one soul, we pray:
– Risen Lord, that the best witnessing we give to you may be that we accept one another and care for one another and serve one another, we pray:

Prayer over the Gifts

Our God and Father,
we ask you for food and drink
and you give us your Son.
May no one in our communities go hungry
or feel abandoned when in distress,
but may we learn from your Son Jesus
to be faithful companions to all who need us.
With our solace and support,
may we also give them ourselves,
as Jesus did and still does for us,
he who is our Lord for ever.

Prayer after Communion

God, our Father,
we have encountered your Son Jesus in faith
in this Eucharistic celebration.
With him by our side,
may we be a deeply believing community
in which love and sharing
are no empty words,
a community which keeps dreaming
that we can find one another
and create a new future together
through him, in whom we have been reborn, 
Jesus Christ, our Risen Lord for ever.


One heart and one soul. How dare we say so? We are still far away from this demand of our faith. But we keep hoping. Keep also growing toward it, with the blessing of Almighty God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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