Liturgy Alive Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Wednesday, November 10, 2021


Opening Prayer

Lord God,
from you comes all we are and have;
we owe you above all forgiveness and life
through your Son, Jesus Christ.
We pray you today for grateful hearts.
Make us thankful for the right things,
not merely for being lucky in life
nor for the happiness of the self-satisfied
but for the joy that in him
even suffering and death have meaning.
Accept all our thanks through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Liturgy of the Word

First Reading Introduction
The Jewish kings were God’s representatives to the people by virtue of their anointing. Now comes the author of the book of Wisdom and says that also pagan rulers have received their authority from God. They must exercise it wisely for doing good, in accordance with God’s law, because they have to give an account to God.

Gospel Introduction

In the account of the cure of the ten lepers, Luke stresses the contrast between the nine Jews who, after their cure, go to comply with the rules of the law, but forget about gratitude, and the Samaritan who returns to thank Jesus. We too, often forget to be grateful for gifts received. Maybe it is a bit humiliating to be reminded of our dependence on others... Let us not forget that God’s love comes to us usually through people who care and help. For all the good done to us, particularly through Jesus Christ, we give thanks in this Eucharist, this thanksgiving.

General Intercessions

– For the People of God, the Church, that our loving God may bless it for all that it has given us: God’s love, God’s life, and the guidance and strength of the Spirit, we pray:
– For our parents and all who have been good to us, that the heavenly Father may bless them and keep them in his love, we pray:
– For our country and our people, that God may bless them for the riches of our culture passed on to us and for the faith they have handed down to us, we pray:

Prayer over the Gifts

God our Father,
in this Eucharist, we celebrate
the thanksgiving of Jesus, your Son.
Lord, we have much to thank you for.
With this bread and wine
allow us to praise and thank you,
that by Jesus’ passion
we can win our struggles
and by his resurrection, we gain
the courage to live, to be creative,
and to fill all we do with the depth of the love
of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Prayer after Communion

Lord God, our Father,
accept our gratitude
for the people you place on our way,
those who help us in the hour of need
or who remind us that we cannot be fully happy
as long as many of our brothers and sisters suffer.
May we win the right to be grateful
by committing ourselves to others,
as you have committed yourself to us
through your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.


“Go on your way, your faith has made you well.” May these be words we hear from the Lord as we give him thanks in this Eucharist. May Almighty God bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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