Liturgy Alive Saturday of 23rd Week of Ordinary Time

Saturday, September 10, 2022



Though Christians can eat the meat that had been used in pagan offerings, they can never take part in the sacred meals of sacrifices offered to idols, for that would be tantamount to communion with the false god. They should remember that the Christian sacrifice signifies that they are in union with Christ, who makes us one when we eat his body and drink the cup of his sacrifice.
Luke makes two main points today. Christians will be recognized for what they are worth by their Christian living. The faith that is in their hearts overflows in their deeds. God’s word has sunk in into their hearts and only goodness in accordance with the gospel will have to come from them. In such people faith is solid; it is built on rock, it does not waver. The rains and the storm of trials cannot blow that faith apart.

Opening Prayer

Lord our God,
let the word of your Son sink into our hearts
so deeply and so firmly
that all of our life is marked by it.
Let no trial or doubt or fad or fear
be powerful enough to shake that faith;
for in you we trust
and on you we rely
on account of him who is the living proof
that you love us and want us to be happy,
Jesus Christ our Lord.

Points to Ponder

One bread, one body
Idolatry in today’s world
A Eucharistic spirituality


– That we may not just hear and know the word of God but live by it consistently and enthusiastically, we pray:
– That the Lord may be our rock in whom we put our trust and on whom we build our lives, we pray:
– That our friendships may be firm and reliable, we pray:

Prayer over the Gifts

Lord our God,
you offer us the bread and the cup
of your Son Jesus Christ.
We are eager to share his food
that unites us, in all our diversity,
in one community of service and love.
We are also willing to drink his cup,
even when it is at times a cup of suffering.
Accept our offering
on account of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayer after Communion

Lord God, our Father,
your Son has been here with us
and this is enough for us
to keep our faith and hope alive
and make it as solid as rock.
Let this faith bring forth
fruits of goodness that come from the heart:
compassion with those who grieve,
justice, kindness and service.
Keep us all in your love
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Scripture often calls God our Rock. Our faith becomes rock-solid when it is built on him and also when it shows what we are in what we do. May almighty God bless you, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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