Commentary on the Gospel of

Ff. Alex Gobrin, cmf


Feast of St. Thomas

The Johannine community or communities were very mixed group. At least we can identify various groups like Jewish converts and many others from different religious and philosophical formation and traditions. There were many, who like us, were struggling to believe or struggling to keep their faith. Thomas was a kind of a figure that embodies this group, a group that operates in logic very close to us: I want to see so I can believe. This is very valid, and in fact fundamental if we truly want to acquire a reasonable faith. But this is not the only way to reach a reasoned faith. Jesus proposes a different way: Believe so that you can see. In the parables, in his actions, Jesus shows this kind of logic: The first will be the last; the least will be exalted… To understand divine wisdom we need to review our kind of logic.


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