Commentary on the Gospel of

Sid Ching, cmf

We are nearing the end of our liturgical year and will soon begin Advent, and today’s readings also present us with the theme of end. The end time has preoccupied and worried a number of people; so many predictions have been made about when and how it will come.

But there are also those, who find themselves so busy with the present that they have no time to worry about the future, whether immediate or ultimate. We need not worry about how and when the end will come for it will surely come. But instead of thinking about the end time, we can also understand the words of Jesus as referring to the end of the old order of things. In place of power and might, his new “temple” will be a church of humility and service.

The Son of Man had already come, and we as a Christian community makes him present in the world. This is the challenge the Gospel gives us: that we in our community end the old power structure and begin a new world order based on love and service. This is the straight and brilliant path that will proclaim God’s presence in the world. Our community then becomes a living sign that is offered to God. 


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