Commentary on the Gospel of

Sid Ching, cmf

It is said that power is seized by the strong so they can lord it over the weak. In the beginning everyone had enough for themselves, but the strong took advantage of the weak so they were left with less if not none at all. So there appeared dominion and servitude: dominion of the powerful over the weak in servitude.


We celebrate the kingship of Christ today. Though the feast may have originated from the time when the Christian world was ruled by kings and monarchs, what we celebrate is an entirely different kingship. Christ is not only king of the world, but king of the universe – the Alpha, the beginning, and the Omega, the final destination of everything. By him all were created, and in him God will be all in all. 

He is king not by force or strength but by the free and willing acceptance of people who dedicate themselves to love and service. This is the kingdom of Christ; it is for this reason that he came – to serve and not be served. 

Christ the King presents us with the use of power different from how the world looks at power: not for personal gain or subjection of others, but to set people free for the good of the world. 


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