Commentary on the Gospel of

Catie Bacon-Creighton University's Human Resources Department

For the hopeless, and even for the hopeful, the Bible is a means to know and experience hope. Story after story tells of men and women who were despairing and in the end, God came through to save. Zephaniah shares that even for the most corrupt city or people, we still have reason to expect that God will intervene.

That is how I know the Bible is not just a book of fictional stories—it is a book about real lives being transformed by the power of God. In my own life, I have had that experience and I am sure many of you reading share that same testimony. Here again, Zephaniah talks about God transforming a people of sin to a people He calls His own.

During this Advent season I am reminded that God’s ‘specialty’ is in making an impact where one would least expect. From this reading we learn he changes the lips of the peoples and removes their shame and rebellion—talk about a transformation! Even as a believer, I need to call on God for transformation: transformation of heart, mind, body and spirit. My human nature is sin and it takes consistent discipline to make choices and act as God as asked of me. This Advent, I pray you will also ask for transformation,; knowing that there is nothing too big for God.


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