Commentary on the Gospel of

Tamora Whitney-Creighton University's English Department
If I were singing Mass today, I would sing Fr. John Foley’s song “Turn to Me.” I’ve been singing it in my head and around the house as I’ve been trying to write this reflection on Isaiah. “Turn to me, oh turn and be saved says the Lord for I am God. There is no other, none beside me, I call your name.” There is one God, who created the heavens and the earth and everything in them. There is no other, and the best thing we can do is to turn to God, acknowledge our creator, and praise Him. And we will be saved.  Every knee should bend to the glory of God who alone created all. I might also sing another Fr. Foley song, “If God is for us, Who Can be against.”

And the one God brought forth a savior for his people. John the Baptist recognized Jesus first. He sent to ask if Jesus was the one savior, or if they were to continue to wait. That very day Jesus had cured many people of illness and had freed people from evil spirits. Jesus told John’s men to recount the deeds that Jesus had done. He cured the blind and deaf and crippled. He cured lepers. He raised people who were dead.  They were dead, and at his touch they were alive again. John, hearing this report, could not but think that Jesus is the one savior sent by the one God. And those who acknowledge him will be blessed.

And here in Advent we are waiting, but like John we know we have found the answer.  We say, “Only in the Lord are just deeds and power.” We know that Jesus is the one to come and we do not have to look for another. And we are blessed in that knowledge.


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