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We are so used to quoting this phrase that we don’t realize how significant it is. It is saying that the gauge of our loving others is lo­ving ourselves. Sometimes we are taught the wrong idea that we should not love ourselves — that doing so is selfishness. But that is not true. We cannot truly love others if we do not love ourselves. What does this mean?. It means first of all that we acknowledge that all of what we are is from God — gift of God. So the first act of loving ourselves is appreciating ourselves and thanking God that of all possible beings, we are the ones chosen to emerge from nothingness into being. Then we look at ourselves — our body — the most amazing and most spectacular mechanism on earth — our circulatory system, our digestive system, how our brain works, the coordination of our muscles, bones, limbs — amazing! — .Loving ourselves means taking care of ourselves, gi­ving ourselves good nourishment, avoiding harmful foods, drinks, habits, etc. It means maintai­ning good mental health, getting enough rest, avoiding addictions, forming good physical and mental habits, etc. It also means accepting ourselves for what we are — our gifts and our weaknesses. We are able to forgive ourselves and begin anew. And this is our way also of loving others — being caring and compassionate, being understan­ding and forgiving, being nurtu­ring and considerate. I LOVE MYSELF. I LOVE YOU AS I LOVE MYSELF. 


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