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One of the rarest qualities of people is genuine humility. It seems to be a part of our psychological survival to be proud or vain. One can appear to be humble but in reality one is just submissive and subservient. There is also the so-called humility with a hook in which we engage in self-deprecating statements hoping for someone to contradict us. The ego is so pervasive and is so wily that it insinuates itself into our ­actions and thoughts in disguised ways. Actually, one cannot be humble unless one has a healthy self-­esteem. Someone puts it this way: One cannot be humble if one does not have something to be proud of. Actually a ­genuinely humble person has a healthy self-esteem that comes from an ­honest self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Humble people have an inner security which is immune to flattery and blame. Unlike ­people who are innerly insecure, they do not need to put up a front, a false façade to hide their insecurity. They do not have to flaunt their achievements and accomplishments. They are also not ea­sily insulted or humi­liated, because they know who they are and what people say does not make them grow or diminish even a single inch. HUMILITY IS TRUTH. 


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