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Read: God’s persistent and unrelenting efforts to redeem people are met with total ignorance and unwillingness by the latter. The world prefers to love darkness and reject God’s light. If we are saved, it is only due to the extraordinary riches of his grace and mercy.  


Reflect: What is the shape of God’s love? Perhaps it’s shape is its shapelessness. For His love is beyond boundaries and we simply cannot get our hands around it. We cannot hold it in our hearts or hands; rather, we must simply let ourselves be held by this boundless love that redeems us despite ourselves. To follow the reflection of theologian James Allison, our faith is not about doing good, it is not even about being good; it is all about being loved. The day we grasp the truth of this is the day we will know God and know ourselves.  


Pray: Pray for a keen awareness of being loved into being by God every moment of your life.  


Act: Share God’s love in some concrete way with someone less fortunate than you. 


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