Commentary on the Gospel of

Tomás Jesús Marín Mena


I am writing this commentary from my hometown, Don Benito, in the Spanish region of Extremadura, but I usually live in Granada, a city in Andalucía. Some time ago I realised that it is much more difficult to communicate ideas which are very important for me to closed people from my town than to do it to people from Granada or another place. I sometimes feel that people understand better if they do not meet or know us. I think that Jesus’ experience in this Gospel is very similar.

My intuition is that Jesus complains about the lack of receptivity of people, about his open-ended approach to divine grace. It is easy to get used to the other, to his presence, to his attitudes and to his defects. Definitely, we habitually live contemplating the other in a determinate way, with prejudices about the other, for better or worse.

I dare to express an oration in this context:

O Lord, let me contemplate the other with new eyes,

to my parents, to my children, to my brethren, to my neighbours,

to those who think opposite to me, those who I could hate.

O Lord, let me have open ears to pick up what You want to tell us

through these ‘other’ persons.

O Lord, let me set my hands free, for not imprisoning God in our mental schemes.

May I love You, true God, instead of anti-evangelical idols,

may I daily open to the Holy Spirit, with his surprises and rejoicings.

O Lord, let me be a transparent soul

which is willing to welcome the incarnated Wisdom,

Jesus, the carpenter’s son of Nazareth.


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