Commentary on the Gospel of

Tomás Jesús Marín Mena

The good and the truth never succumb. After Jeremiah, many prophets came until John the Baptist. After John the Baptist, came Jesus the Messiah. After Jesus came the Holy Spirit granted to us by the resurrected Christ. The christic energy (term of P. Theilard de Chardin), which comes through the Spirit, begins first in primitive disciples and then in us. Nowadays, it is our turn.

The Resurrected Christ submits us to claim the truth of God’s love, to preach hope in a new earth and society, to continue with our hands his healing of the sick and marginalized. The christic, i.e., the presence of Christ, the same good, will end at no time. But, how is it possible to practise fidelity to the christic? 

In times of post-truth, Christ calls us to be faithful to reality and to empathize with the ‘other’, out of ideologies. In times of wild capitalism and daily egoism, Christ calls us for mutual support, to live social justice day-by-day in concrete charity with our neighbours and distant ones. In fluid times, Christ invites to us to hold His look with care and by living in his amorous presence.


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