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A feminine perspective on the New Evangelization

Rome Reports - Sun, Oct 30th 2011






October 30, 2011. ( Promoting the New Evangelization is becoming a priority for the Catholic Church. The pope is calling on everyone to revitalize the message of the Gospel, and that of course, includes women.

"We believe that in this case specifically, women can contribute so much in matters of listening, creativity and beauty,” says Marta Rodríguez, director of the Institute of Advanced Studies on Women in Rome.

The place of women in the Church and their coming role in the New Evangelization, was recently discussed in Rome's Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. Marta Rodriguez is the Institue's Director of Advanced Studies on Women. Her team invited 16 women to speak about their personal experience in the arts, living the Gospel and the daily work of helping those in need.

Marta Rodríguez

Director, Institute of Advanced Studies on Women (Rome)
“From women who work in hidden corners, like a teacher who works in a small school, to philanthropist and wife of Tony Blair, Cherie Blair. Even women who lend support to prostitutes, also parents. We wanted to show a mosaic that shows the female profile of the New Evangelization.”


One of the main challenges is indifference. When speaking about Christianity, organizers say, sometimes younger and even older generations just shut down. Often, they don't even want to have a dialogue. The goal, organizers say, is to build a bridge. It's something, that women, as good listeners, can help with.


Marta Rodríguez
Director, Institute of Advanced Studies on Women (Rome)
“Women have always had a key role in the Church. The other day we talked about the role of female saints, female doctors of the Church. St. Catherine of Siena for example, who dared to scold the pope. It's something that perhaps is not very well know, because often we hear a critical point of view, but it's usually partial.”

Other topics included evangelizing through the internet, education and the complimentary role of men and women in the Church.

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