Commentary on the Gospel of

Tom Lenz-Creighton University's Department of Pharmacy Practice

One of my favorite things to do while reading the gospel is to imagine how Jesus would sound as if I were actually sitting with Him and listening. My imagination often takes me to hearing a soft and comforting tone that sometimes increases in speed because of His overwhelming excitement about His message. I imagine Jesus as a charismatic person with a larger-than-life, yet calming presence. He speaks with inspirational and motivating voice inflections, and He is confident, energizing, funny, and almost always has a smile when talking with others.

As I read today’s gospel, this was my image. Jesus, forever the optimist, delivering an important message to His disciples, not with a booming, loud, and authoritative voice. But rather, with an excited and life giving tone that is meant to motivate. He says, “I have not come to abolish but to fulfill.” I continually hear Jesus spin a message towards hope and away from despair. When I imagine His face while speaking, I picture His eyebrows always raised as if to show His excitement, hope, and optimism for humankind and for our future on earth and in heaven.

It sometimes seems usual, customary, and even expected to look towards the pessimistic side of life – the weather, work, daily energy level, personal appearance. But, reading Jesus’ words while raising my own eyebrows directs me towards optimism and hope. This, then, tends to carry over into the other parts of life. I think it even helps me see others in the same optimism.


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