Commentary on the Gospel of

Amy Hoover-Creighton University's Retreat Center

As I was reflecting on today’s readings, I struggled to hear a message.  The Gospel reading didn’t hold much inspiration for me or invitation to prayer.  Then I went back to the first reading from First John and it occurred to me that maybe, like happens so often, I was making it too hard.  Maybe the message for me was in the opening sentence “we should love one another.” 

Is it truly that simple?  I think so.  I do think that often we get caught up in parsing words, reading the catechism, wondering what the saints thought or the most current theologians.  Yet, when we boil down the gospel message isn’t it as simple as “God is love” and “we should love one another?”

I could try to come up with more words, more ways to say this, more scripture references but today I simply hear God reminding me that life is about love.  Love of self, love of neighbor, love of enemy, love of the rich, love of the poor, love of creation, love of God.  Today, I hear a simple invitation from God, how can we love more today?  If we can love today, then we can more fully cry out to God with joy.


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