Commentary on the Gospel of


Mark makes it clear that this parable is addressed to the political and religious leaders of Israel: priests, scribes and elders. Jesus calls them directly "murderers". God had entrusted them with the care of the people, the vineyard, and they took possession of it, transforming it into their private property, the place of their unjust enrichment, the step to tread to climb in power. Instead of justice they gave fruits of hunger, lack of solidarity, inequality. God sent them to the prophets but they killed them and hardened themselves in their corruption. Now God has sent his Son, but they will also kill him. That is why God will give the Kingdom to other peoples and Jesus will make it the foundation of a new people, called to justice. Jesus denounces the leaders of yesterday and today, to whom God has entrusted the service of the people and they take advantage of the people for their own benefit. How many in society, in the family, in the workplace or in the church who have leadership functions should look in this mirror and ask themselves how they are fulfilling their responsibilities.


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