Commentary on the Gospel of

Steve Titus-Creighton University's Mission and Ministry


Jesus and Saint Agnes knew a thing or two about sacrifice.  Today, we celebrate the Memorial of Saint Agnes, Virgin and Martyr.  At the age of 12, Saint Agnes endured torture and death because she refused to accept the hand of marriage from powerful suitors.  For Saint Agnes, Christ was her one and only spouse and she was willing to die for what she believed in, even at the tender age of 12. 


I think many of us have learned a thing or two about sacrifice this past year.  We may not have had to sacrifice our lives, though millions have, but our faith, patience and trust certainly have been challenged and tested.  Today’s Gospel is full of themes and insights.  It reveals Jesus’ energy and attraction.  People from all corners of the region flocked to the Sea of Galilee to be touch and healed by Jesus.  Perhaps Saint Agnes felt the same loving energy of Jesus that the masses did in Mark’s Gospel.  Perhaps we, too, might experience Jesus’ healing and loving energy flow through us as we anticipate the new year ahead.  Perhaps we might radiate healing and love for others.  I am inspired by people like Jesus, Saint Agnes, health care workers, and first responders, who have died so selflessly for their convictions.  My prayer is that their example inspires me to live for my convictions as bravely as they died for theirs. 


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