Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Roland Chidiebere, CMF
Uncontaminated spirituality flows from within

One of the “virtues” of human development is ‘containment’ of oneself. In tension-filled environment, containment refers to the ability of psychologically holding oneself, such that one does neither get immersed emotionally nor symbiotically collude with the other. In such crowded situation, the Mother Church advises us “not to act”. In other words, be patient, calm down, choose freely in order to act wisely. Uncontaminated spirituality flows from within, as St. James puts it, it ‘is pure religion, undefiled’; it ‘is charity at work.’ There is a beautiful dance between ‘nurtured mind’ and its fruit, namely the ‘charity,’ that it produces. Life enhancing, human transforming and salvific productions result from the serenity of the mind. Internal silence enables one to talk to oneself constructively. In the midst of confusion, learn to hold oneself for it is healthy to act nobly.

In the Gospel we see a bulk of noble people – they not only bring a blind man to Jesus, they express their care and concern; they beg Him to touch the man. It would be virtuous, I suggest, to always pray to have noble people around oneself – they contribute positively to the joy of fraternal living. It is our calling to uphold each other, and noble people represent this value. And Jesus, the model of nobility, of course responds positively. And He effects the healing in a dramatic fashion: put spittle on his eyes, lays hands on him and he sees clearly, then He tells him ‘go home’. May the Lord’s touch on each us keep transforming and molding us unto eternal reunion with God, amen.


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